You’re getting a new pup! Do you have everything you need?

Preparing for the arrival of a new dog could be overwhelming. When shopping at some of the best pet supply stores, it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the dozens of choices for the hundreds of products available for pets. Here’s a quick guide for all the essentials you’ll need for a new pup:


Make sure to give your new dog their own space where they can feel comfortable and secure. It’s up to you to decide whether you want a crate or bed. If you intend to train your pup to potty indoors, you’ll want to pick up appropriately sized pee pads.

Also, consider getting puppy clothes because they serve more functions than fashion alone. Lastly, get a dog collar to attach proper identification and your contact information.



You’ll want a bowl for food and another for water. The size will depend on your dog’s size and how much they’re expected to eat and drink. Also, consider getting a stand or riser if you’re getting a big breed.

For food, always choose a brand that doesn’t use filler carbohydrates and instead offer lots of protein. Also, select a variant that’s suitable for your pup’s developmental stage. For more information, check out ASPCA’s Dog Nutrition Tips.


Unfortunately, cleaning up after your pet will now be part of your everyday life. Make it easy on yourself and get the right tools and equipment.

For one, you’ll need things to deal with poop. That might include a scooper and a few rolls of poop bags. Then, don’t forget the cleaner. Choose a dog-friendly cleaning product that is specially formulated to clean up and sanitize pet messes.


Keeping your dog properly groomed is crucial to their health. A good shampoo and proper brush will help keep their coat healthy, and some dog clothes can help you manage their fur when they’re shedding.

You’ll also need a toothbrush and some dog-friendly toothpaste. If you’re brave enough to clip your dog’s nails, you can get a pair of nail clippers. Otherwise, you might want to get that done by professional groomers until you’re ready to try.


Although dog collars are incredibly popular, dog harnesses are better for walking. That’s especially true if your pup is one of these types of dogs.

Apart from a good harness, you’ll also need a proper dog leash. Then you’re all set for your daily walks!

Playing & Training

Playing and training will be part of keeping your dog healthy, occupied, and adequately stimulated. For that, you’ll need different types of dog toys.

For training and rewarding them for good behavior, take home a variety of good quality treats.

Like every other dog parent, you’ll find yourself buying more and more things for your pup as you go along. Visiting pet stores will be a regular activity for you from now on, so don’t worry about getting everything you might need or want all at once.

As long as you have these essentials covered, you’re well-equipped to take care of your family’s newest member. For more tips on how to prepare for your new pup, check out this complete guide for first-time dog owners.

Just in case you’re still feeling overwhelmed, below is a handy list of all the items mentioned above. Remember that some of them are optional, so just pick out the ones that work for you.

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