10 Reasons I am Thankful for My Dog

To my dear dog,

From the moment you stepped paw into my life, I’ve learned to count my blessings. I may not always get to express how much I appreciate you or have even taken you for granted at times.

This Thanksgiving, however, I want you to know the 10 most important reasons why I am so grateful to have you in my life....

1) You love me for who I am.


You don’t care about how much money I make, what car I drive. I could be living on the streets and you’ll stick by my side. With you, I can be myself, forget about the complicated human world, be silly, be a child and not have to worry about anyone’s judgment. Thank you for loving me for who I am.

2) You’re great at cleaning up.


Our kitchen floor has never been dirty again since the day you stepped in the house. You’re always by my side ready to be of assistance. It doesn’t matter what I drop on the floor, you’re always there to pick up after me. You’re better than any broom or vacuum cleaner money can buy!

3) You’re a constant source of joy.


Love, food, family and fun, these are the only things you care about. You’re a natural comedian and all you want to do is bring joy to those around you. Thank you for always having a way to lighten my mood and fill my heart with so much positive energy.

4) You keep me healthy.


Your well-being has played a big part in the lifestyle I’ve chosen. And, if I’m being honest, I will probably sleep in on most mornings if you didn’t need a walk. I will also probably binge-watch movies on the weekends rather than take a nice hike if I wasn’t thinking of your enjoyment. Thank you for keeping me active and healthy!

5) You're always so darn honest.


I love that you are always so darn honest and you can’t hide anything with your facial expressions. I can’t even stay mad after I catch you chewing up my new Air-pods or destroying the living room couch. You know exactly how to charm me with your puppy-dog eyes and seemingly innocent expressions. Thank you for always being so honest and darn cute at the same time.

6) You help me make new friends.


Humans are complicated sometimes, especially as we get older. But you always open up ways for me to connect with new people. You have a knack for choosing the kind of friends we both enjoy. Thank you for introducing me to new hooman friends!

7) You’re always happy to see me.


It doesn’t matter if I was out all day or gone for five minutes. You’re always at the door to meet me with your gleefully wagging tail and childlike excitement. These are the moments I always look forward to. Thank you for greeting me this way, bringing me positive energy so I leave the rainclouds at the door.

8) You love to cuddle.


You don’t just keep me warm with your fuzzy fur and love for cuddles. Your presence takes the edge off even the roughest days. Indulging you with belly rubs is better than any therapy session that money can buy. 

9) You always give me your time.


I can depend on you to be a steadfast friend and partner. You know when it’s time to let off some steam or when it’s time for a snuggle. I can depend on you to give me exactly what I need from you. Thank you for always being available and always making time for me.

10) You make me a better person.


In caring for you, I’ve developed both patience and empathy. I’ve learned how to listen not just to words but to behavior and subtle expressions. Most importantly, you’ve taught me compassion and how to love wholeheartedly. I am undeniably a better person because of all these values you’ve instilled in me.

These ten reasons are all I can put into words, but you mean so much more to me than I can articulate. Thankfully, you’re not much for words anyway. Instead, I hope you feel just how much I love you through my own little ways: every belly rub, each game of fetch, our daily walks, our weekend dates, and our nightly snuggles.


Thank you and I appreciate you!